1. Time:  Forget about getting all dressed up, driving to the mall, going store to store looking for the perfect whatever.  Who’s got time for that?  Not me.  Three kids, 2 dogs, a husband, a business and a blog later.  Sit back, relax and surf a giant online mall anytime, anywhere, anyhow, anywho (that was for Dr Suess).  Even long after the malls have closed and the snotty cosmetic counter women have all gone home to remove their face cake… you can be shopping through the night.  It’s like 7 eleven, but couture.  Sorry no slurpees.

2. Taxes:  If your online destination happens to reside outside the state in which you are shopping from… a little perk… you don’t pay taxes.  Hey, that adds up!

3. Variety:  Hey, it’s the spice of life, right?  Who wants to show up wherever and see someone else wearing the same thing.  Shop online and I am guarantee you’ll find something noone else has.  Plus, and this is an important one, don’t you despise when you find something and they don’t have your size.  Just google the item and you’ll find the item somewhere.

4. Price:  So the retail giants want to charge you retail do they?  Well how about those fabulous coupon codes that so many smaller online boutiques use to incentive.  10, 20 even 30% off sometimes.  Really!  Oh, shipping you say… usually FREE and many times both ways!

5. Convenience:  There’s nothing more convenient then sitting in the comfort of your own home, apartment, office, car… and discovering a whole world of shopalicious!